De-oiling centrifuges DK series

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DK series

De-oiling centrifuges
DK series

Centrifuge with removable drum for important charges, possibility to make the process automatic by a handling system.

Treatment of chips for chips of bigger size too

Basic version:
  • Construction of the sturdy structure through reinforced electro-welded plates.
  • Perimeter suspensions for excessive vibrations.
  • External motor controlled by an inverter.
  • Support rotation of sturdy structure, external lubrification.
  • Opening/closing of the lid aided by a pneumatic cylinder.
  • Drilled metal sheet drum in Fe/Inox, 3mm hole.
  • Fixing template with integrated tank.
  • Powder coating.
  • Stop device in case of excessive displacement.
  • Electric control panel.
  • Coolant recovery tank with level control and washing pump.
  • Additional drum.
  • Jib crane with electric chain hoists.